Sunday, 22 January 2017

A few more drivers are swelling the ranks of 4X Racing... young German driver, Sven Plutta had meant to be in the Corvette C7 team for the Daytona 24 Hours, but as his team invite arrived a little late he didn't get to accept it before the team had to register for the race as he was in work.  So had to sit the event out.

The Mercedes team never even got to the grid...!  An internet issue, which was finally traced to a £1 ethernet cable which had been installed new only two weeks before failed.  By the time it was resolved and Andy Morgan got back online, he had missed registration for the race by 8 minutes.

This still didn't put off newcomers to the team, flying Dutch bus driver, Jos van de Ven and Florida driver John Morgan.  Both of these drivers qualify to use the OLD GUYS RULE logos on their cars, as they are both over 60 and join Morgan and Sustello as the "old coffin dodgers" of 4X Racing...

We wish them well in the new home.

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